Terms and Conditions

Let's Go To Travel!


How can I find the exact cost of my ticket?

You can find the total cost of your ticket by calling our travel agents. We are sure to help you in any way we can. They will ask you about your preferred airline, route, and seat and will guide you to the cheapest available flight, just according to your needs. 
What is the payment procedure? 
The payment procedure is simple. You can pay us through the linked payment methods on our website or you can pay directly through bank transfer. 

What is the process of getting an Air ticket? 

You can reach out to us by the contact numbers given on the website or, you can also email us so that we can reach out to you ourselves. Once we get the information we need, like how many persons, destination and, preferred dates, our travel agents will guide you and will book your e-ticket for you. Once it is done you will receive an email with all the details you require.

How to check if the air ticket is issued or not? 

You will be able to confirm your reservation through the travel-port, by telling them your last name and reservation number. But there is always an easier way, you can contact us to confirm your seat and schedule.

How much luggage is allowed? 

We advise you to talk directly to the respective airline for any information related to baggage. It depends upon the route, airline and, destination chosen. 

Are my tickets refundable? 

Unfortunately, once the ticket is issued, there is no way back. You will not be able to get back your money. If by any chance, there is a policy of refund and exchange, you'll be charged a fee for the process through Sky Junction. But remember most of the time, No refund! No exchange! 

Can I change my travel dates?

The chances are very fragile. However, if the fare rules allow change, you will have to pay an amount of fee to Sky Junction as a token of compensation that we will be paying to the airline. 

Privacy Policy

Your protection and privacy are our priority. 

We strictly follow all rules and regulations under the Data Protection Legislation in the United Kingdom.

We ask for your email, name, credit card details for smooth issuance.

We do not sell your information to any third-party  

We use your personal information just for a smooth ticket issue process and sometimes to send you travel information through text or email.